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Engineering and Design

      Our proven design and analysis services are delivered through a combination of highly experienced engineering teams and industry-leading concept and design.

Concept Design
Reduce time to market and bring down costs from concept to production, with the ability to assess and understand a wider range of design concepts and minimise risk.

    - Initial studies to determine best concepts and feasibility
    - Fast and accurate assessment of multiple drivetrain concepts and    layouts
    - Initial component selection and design including gears and bearings
    - Review of specifications, interfaces and gearbox packaging constraints
    - Benchmarking existing products
    - System-level analysis to judge suitability of different concepts

Detailed Design
Create optimised designs for greater durability, vibration and efficiency and reduced prototype testing through a combination of experienced engineers, our intellectual property and powerful simulations.
    - Supply detailed models and drawings
    - Bespoke transmission design: from first concepts to prototype       production
    - Modify existing transmission for new applications
    - Understand end customer requirements to fully develop design        specifications
    - Detailed analysis and optimisation leading to preparation of       production drawings
    - Static and fatigue finite element analysis (FEA) of structural       components


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